Bali Tours Services

18 October 2016
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Absolutely Reliable Service, Extremely knowledgeable and we had the best time Tripadvisor Attraction Reviewed September,20 2015

18 October 2016, Comments 1

My friends and I decided to have a reunion trip to Bali for just over a week, and one of my friends had recommended […]

16 October 2016
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Great and amazing experience On Tripadvisor Attraction Reviewed July 28, 2015

16 October 2016, Comments 0

bali tours – Wayan and Samadana service are great. Always early on pick-up time and is very patient with everything. Both of them are […]

3 January 2016
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Great tour guide good place to visit TripAdvisor on 24 May 2014

3 January 2016, Comments 0

bali tour My girlfriend and I had a great experience visiting Bali last summer ! Wayan is an excellent tourist guide, reliable, courteous, friendly […]

18 December 2015
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Excellent guide et chauffeur à Bali.

18 December 2015, Comments 0

Wayan est un bon chauffeur, il conduit prudemment et malgré le fait que mes enfants ont souvent mal au coeur dans la voiture sa […]