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15 November 2016
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excellent service highly recommended on TripAdvisor Reviewer Highlights

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excellent tour provided by Wanyan and Samadana. they are also reliable, trustworthy, responsible, affordable. will definitely use them when I’m back in bali and […]

18 October 2016
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Absolutely Reliable Service, Extremely knowledgeable and we had the best time Tripadvisor Attraction Reviewed September,20 2015

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My friends and I decided to have a reunion trip to Bali for just over a week, and one of my friends had recommended […]

16 October 2016
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Excellent Services On July 2015 Tripadvisor Attraction Review

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Bali Tours – We engaged Wayan services for a short trip in Bali and it was fantastic! Wayan was pleasant and comfortable to be […]

1 January 2016
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Bali Getaway tripadvisor on May 2014

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Bali Tours From water activities such as parasailing, water rafting, to sight seeing at the uluwatu temple, this trip was perfect. There is a […]